About Us

Lebatle Renal Care its a dialysis company established in 2015, and was founded with aims to supply haemodialysis services to the un-captured market. Having noticed that there are areas without any existing centers where patients are still required to travel for over hours to their respective homes after their dialysis treatment.


The owner was influenced by the passion of saving life for all designated groups. Her interest in this field started at high school and identified that she would like to play within the medical fraternity.She worked at various government hospitals and private sectors to gain the requisite skills and expertise for the past 20 years.


Lebatle renal care is a health care company that focused on delivering excellent care to people living with kidney and other chronic illnesses, it is a black owned company. It consists of professionals who are experts in the field of nephrology and who are passionate about delivering excellent and quality service.


Lebatle Renal Care is also committed to excellent corporate governance, production of quality service at a fair price as well as treating our employees, clients and business partners – with fairness and respect.


To provide a comprehensive health care coordination and medical management for renal patients. This assists not only the client but their families, doctors and the medical aids.

Qualified, compassionate Lebatle Renal Care coordinators manage the individual needs in the dialysis environment, maximizing mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and happiness.

Financially prudent, see Lebatle Renal Care to decrease wasteful spending from disjointed health care and lack of access to services. This has cost the medical aids dearly as patient defaulting from dialysis because of transport money, resorting to skipping dialysis sessions and inadvertently increasing the need for readmissions, increasing chances of default related complications and ultimately a reduced life expectancy.

Our goal is to provide smart, innovative, comprehensive renal care coordination and management which will decrease medical aid spending. If possible, Lebatle Renal Care is willing to negotiate with government to provide the same services for government patients

Our Branches

Dr. S. Lerutla Medical
Vergeleng C • Stand 1
Jane Furse 1085
013 265 3110
078 574 4209

9 Chris Hani Avenue
Lephalale 0557
014 763 1934
065 621 0955

8 Moshate Crossing Complex

Corner Dudu Madisha street & N11 Road
Mokopane 0601
015 409 7238
065 701 9371